Wrinkle repair men

Lines on a man’s face can make him look strikingly mature and masculine. But in order to make such an impression on others, the man himself has to be happy with his older appearance. Sometimes, genetic factors or consequences of a particular life-style can leave behind lines and traces with which the individual is not completely satisfied.

Even the correction of wrinkles in optically less important areas can improve the mimic and lend the face an impression of youthfulness, freshness and smoothness. As an aesthetic plastic surgeon, I have several procedures for the reduction of wrinkles at my disposal. In addition to Botox® treatment, I can offer you a therapy with hyaluronic acid, self-fat injections and derma abrasion.

Botulinum toxin A, known as Botox® for short, is a protein that is synthesised by a strain of bacteria called Clostridium botulinum. This agent is able to inhibit the secretion of the nerve transmitter substance acetylcholine and thus provides a means of reducing tension in the muscles and glands of the skin, for a defined period of time. For men who take particular pride in their appearance, Botox® therapy can repair wrinkles and lend the face a more harmonious mimic.

I am only too happy to offer you expert medical advice and administer your Botox® treatment personally.

In addition to Botox®, the substance hyaluronic acid has also proven its worth in the field of modern aesthetic plastic surgery. The enormous advantage of this using this agent is that it represents a natural component of human skin. Apart from its natural beneficial effects, hyaluronic acid is therefore very well tolerated and extremely unlikely to cause an allergic reaction.

During your hyaluronic acid treatment, I use micro-injections to introduce hyaluronic acid to the tissue directly beneath the wrinkled skin. The injected substance then spreads out evenly and fills-out the wrinkles from below. This filling-out of the tissue compensates for loss of volume of the skin and makes wrinkles disappear.

‘Lipofilling’ is the medical term used to describe injection of a patient’s own fat to gently fill-out, smoothen and re-shape particular areas of the face. The fat for the treatment is taken from an inconspicuous area of the patient’s body, such as a thigh or the stomach, and then subjected to a special processing procedure. Using accurately positioned micro-injections, this ‘self-fat’ is then injected into the area underneath the wrinkled skin. This fills-out the tissue and hollow areas under the skin and compensates for loss of volume. The result is a smoother, younger looking face with markedly less wrinkles. The use of a patient’s own cells in this therapy means that the risks of intolerance or allergic reaction are very small.

In individual cases, this method can also be used to fill-in and revise concave scars.