Wrinkle repair

The appearance of wrinkles is a completely natural phenomenon. They occur as result of the normal aging process, the regular contraction of the facial muscles and as a consequence of excessive sun-bathing. But even if wrinkles are completely natural, they give many people a reason to feel dissatisfied with their appearance. Modern aesthetic surgery offers such patients various options for the repair of wrinkles to help promote their sense of personal well-being.

A method that has become common-place in recent years involves injections to fill out the wrinkles. In the majority of cases, I use hyaluronic acid as the so called ‚filler’. This material is particularly well suited for the procedure, as it represents a natural component of the skin. Apart from its beneficial natural effects, hyaluronic acid is also very unlikely to initiate an allergic reaction. During treatment, precisely positioned micro-injections introduce hyaluronic acid to the tissue directly beneath the wrinkled skin. Here, the substance spreads out evenly and fills out the wrinkles from below – with immediately recognisable effects. Wrinkles can be made to disappear instantly, and the loss of volume of the skin can be compensated for.

Additionally, this procedure can be performed ambulant under local anaesthetic, which means you can return straight back home or to the office once treatment is complete.