Facelift Men

Demographic change and a completely new definition of personal development, age and life-style have caused a change in the way we perceive and view our own physical appearances. Men and women around the age of 50 or 60 are not without reason described as being ‚in the prime of their lives’: Age is no longer the only determinant of the stage at which one finds oneself in life. Increasingly important is the way that we feel about ourselves in general.

In this context, a facelift performed by an aesthetic plastic surgeon may be an option for the dynamic and active man of today. Based of an assessment of the natural aging process, it can be determined which operative measures would result in a fresher, more youthful face. This does not automatically require operation of the whole face. In many cases, treatment of just a specific region, such as the eyelids or the central region around the cheeks and under the eyes for example, is enough to bring about a considerable improvement.

I am ready to support you with profound advice at any time, and perform the operative procedures that we deem necessary.