Lower eyelid lift

Similarly to the upper eyelids, the area under the eyes can also be prone to developing sagging skin or an aesthetically unattractive accumulation of excess tissue – a tear sack to use the vernacular term. For individuals who do not wish to come to terms with this cosmetic constraint, aesthetic surgeons have developed the lower eyelid lift.

As in the case of the upper eyelid, excess skin and tissue is removed from the lower eyelid. Accumulations of fatty tissue, which protrude from the surface of the face and are often perceived as being particularly unattractive, can be either by completely removed during this procedure, or spread out over the lower bones of the eye sockets. I generally perform this operation on both eyes.

Without requiring any additional visible incisions, this treatment can be extended to a middle facelift. This procedure achieves various rejuvenating, enhancing and natural appearing aesthetic effects in the regions of the zygomatic arch, cheeks, and below the eyes.

I am happy to discuss the option best suited to your individual requirements.