Dupuytren’s Contracture

Dupuytren’s Contracture is named after the French physician Dr. Guillaume Dupuytren, who dedicated his research to this disease. The incidence of this genetically determined condition is higher in men than in women, and may affect one or both hands.

Symptomatic of this illness is the strand-like deformation of the palmar aponeurosis – the tissue which lies beneath the skin of the palm of the hand and the fingers. This layer of tissue normally serves to protect the underlying tendons and nerves from damage, for example during strong contraction of the hand muscles or in the instance of a fall. In the case of Dupuyren’s Contracture however, this fascia tissue between the tendons and nerves and the skin of the palm of the hand and fingers begins to grow. The strands of the tissue become thicker, shorter and knotted. In addition to losing the ability to make precise, fine movements with the hand, the patient’s fingers remain permanently bent due to the shortening of the tissue. My spectrum of aesthetic plastic surgical skills also encompasses treatment of the palmar aponeurosis.

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