Breast reconstruction

Breast cancer is a hefty diagnosis. The afflicted patient is not only confronted with an enormous threat to her health, but in many cases also with the possible loss of one or both breasts. Clinical experience shows that in ca. one third of all newly diagnosed breast cancer cases in Germany; the entire mammary gland is excised along with the tumour. This represents a complete amputation of the breast.

One of the most important jobs of an aesthetic plastic surgeon is to support and help women in this situation. I have specialized in this area of surgery since 2006. Whilst working in the Department for Plastic Breast Surgery in the Vogtareuth Treatment Centre, under the direction of head surgeon Dr. A. Peek, I amassed a wealth of practical experience in countless concrete operations that covered a wide surgical spectrum. Numerous different methods are available for the surgical reconstruction of breasts.

It is of paramount importance, that the optimal technique of breast reconstruction for the individual patient in question be determined before surgery to remove the tumour is undertaken. This can then be taken into consideration when planning the incision pattern during the tumour section. In the ideal scenario, the team of surgeons responsible for removal of the tumour should work closely together with the aesthetic plastic surgeon from the early stages of treatment.

In addition to the use of high quality implants, modern reconstructive breast surgery can also employ a patients own self-tissue. On the following page, I present you with detailed information regarding this currently well-established technique.