Breast reduction

Overly-large, overly-heavy breasts can lead to a decreased sense of self-esteem and other psychological problems. As if that weren’t enough, voluminous breasts can also cause various unpleasant physical constraints. The weight of the breast causes bra-straps to cut deeply into the tissue, thus hindering an adequate flow of blood. This in turn can lead to muscle tension in the throat, neck, back and shoulders. In extreme cases, women can even experience constant pain or develop pronounced postural abnormalities in the region of their spine.

Operative breast reductions are commonly employed to relieve these physical constraints or to avoid them developing in the first place. Especially in the case of very young women, where such a procedure may be advised during the teenage years, it can spare patients the suffering and inhibitions associated with a diminished sense of self-esteem and allow a normal sexual development. The operative procedures for breast reduction are well established and serve the aim of reducing the breasts to an apparently natural size and form.

In the first stage of the operation, excess amounts of skin, and mammary gland and fat tissue are removed. Finally, the plastic surgeon moulds the remaining tissue into shapely, firm breasts, whose size and shape complement the rest of the woman’s body. Following a patient’s examination, several different incision techniques may be deemed possible. On the basis of in-depth advice and careful consideration, we will decide together upon the optimal operative procedure for your individual treatment.