Breast lift

Like the skin and tissues of face, neck and décolleté, the breasts are also subject to changes afflicted by the normal aging process. Depending on the individual physical constitution and other relevant factors, the breasts may be more or less susceptible to alterations in their form or volume. If a woman’s body has been through pregnancy or she has at some time lost a large amount of weight, these changes may be more pronounced. Women who suffer as a result of the aesthetic constraints imposed by hanging, sagging breasts have the possibility to do something about it.

Aesthetic plastic surgery has procedures at its disposal that can make breasts firmer and shapelier once again. Many different types of operation are possible. Which one of these operations is appropriate to you and whether or not an implant should be used, is determined by the size of your breasts and the degree of sagging. Common to all procedures is the removal of excess skin, combined with a lifting of the breast and a remodelling of its form. Once the healing process that follows the operation is complete, your breasts will be firmer, shapelier and have a more youthful appearance.