Botox® treatment

The term Botox® has become familiar to us all in recent years. It’s all to do with a protein that is synthesised by a certain strain of bacteria. This particular bacterium bears the name Clostridium botulinum. The protein that it synthesises, which is frequently used to great success by modern aesthetic surgeons, is called Botulinum toxin A – commercially known as Botox®. When properly administered, this agent is able to inhibit the secretion of the nerve transmitter substance acetylcholine.

Botox® thus offers an effective way of reducing tension in the muscles and glands of the skin, for a defined period of time. This effect can in turn lead to a smoother appearance of the skin and more harmonic facial expressions. An additional therapeutic effect of Botox® is the inhibition of sweat production by sweat glands in the skin. Botox® treatment thus represents an option to reduce the unpleasantness often experienced by individuals who tend towards excessive sweating – around the underarms or hands and feet for example.

Questions regarding Botox®? I am only too happy to advise you and administer your Botox® treatment personally. Botox® is injected directly under the skin. This can be performed ambulant and takes only a few moments, whereas the effects can last for several months.