Correction of protruding ears

Protruding ears are generally something that people are born with, and a wide variety of different orthoplastic methods are available to permanently correct them. If required, such an operation is best performed just before the child starts school, so as not to endanger his or her social acceptance in the classroom.

Having said this, protruding ears can also be corrected at any stage during adult life. It is generally advisable to perform the operation on both ears, to promote balance and symmetry between the two sides of the face. I am also your specialist for the operative remodelling of the ear lobes. These can become deformed as the result of wearing heavy earrings, piercings, mechanical injury or illness. In such instances, an aesthetic plastic reconstruction is necessary.

In other cases, the ear lobes may be clearly over-sized, have dramatically increased in proportion or have been mal-formed from birth. In all cases, I employ the most suitable method to achieve the desired results, whether it be to reduce the size of the ear lobes, to remodel them or even to rebuild them using self-tissue taken from the cheek.