Add to your years and add to your experiences, but continue to present others with a fresh, youthful face – aesthetic plastic surgery makes this possible. A facelift can effectively confront the effects that natural aging, a particular lifestyle or nutrition, or your personal state of psychological and physical well-being has on your appearance. After all, these effects are clearly recognisable in the condition of the skin and expressions of the face.

Although a facelift cannot give you back your youth, it can in many cases lead to a more positive attitude towards live and the way in which you perceive yourself. Before you decide to undertake such a wide-reaching medical treatment, I will thoroughly advise you on the most suitable options available to you. Particularly before embarking upon a procedure to effectively correct the entire face, it is vital to define the most appropriate type of treatment. Facelifts are available in many different forms and variations. In many instances it is not necessary to lift the entire face; an enhanced and rejuvenated appearance can be achieved by operating only on particular, individual areas.

Which is the most appropriate operative strategy for you and to what degree should the different areas of the face be lifted? We will discuss your options up-depth, before making these important decisions together. The starting point for all therapes is a precise analysis of the aging process of your facial skin, which I will perform for you personally.